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Tapete de Yoga Borracha Natural/Juta 4 mm Bege

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    18 novembro 2019
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    Good mat but strong smell

    I got this mat a few days back and have been using it ever since. It's a good mat, with good grip and lightweight. My usual practice is to always wipedown my mat with a moist cloth. The only down side is the petroleum/greasy smell coming from your limbs when they get into contact with water after touching the mat. There seems to be a chemical reaction and the smell is quite strong. It doesn't go away easily even after washing with soap and water. I had to rub my palms and soles with coconut oil to remove the smell. So far, I didn't notice any adverse reaction however the smell is off-putting. I hope it goes away with time and regular use!

    Resposta da marca :

    Dear Estella,

    Thank you so much for your feedback on our Jute/Rubber Yoga mat!

    This product was made eco-friendly, and it's blended Jute with Rubber. I believe that it could be the rubber that gives off the smell. We will feedback to the production team on your comment to see how we can change the material to prevent such issues in the future for our future range. Please do come back for a refund or exchange of the mat if there are any allergic reactions that you might encounter. Rest assured we will take your feedback seriously to improve our range. Also, if you are interested, we also do have a Yoga Community on Instagram and Facebook, where we would love to share our Yoga journey with you!
    Once again, we really appreciate your time taken to give us your feedback.
    Practice on!

    Cynthia Lau, Yogini
    City Sport Leader (Yoga) | Decathlon Bedok